Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.

Annie Proulx

For the Love of the Library

Many of my fondest childhood memories involve the local library. Countless summer mornings and afternoons were spent in the children’s reading area while my mother browsed the cookbooks. Seated with my siblings on cushioned, cow print chairs, warmed by the sun through floor to ceiling windows, a stack of books at our feet, we’d read…

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Finding Time for Books in a Digital World

Before I dive into this post, I feel the need to include a disclaimer. I’m not some book nerd who’s adamantly anti-technology. I have my fair share of electronic devices and technological gadgets, and I appreciate all they can do. Like anything, however, certain forms of technology can become an unhealthy distraction from life’s greater…

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Top 3 Reads – 2021

In my experience, the best books are those in which I see myself. Those books in which I find a sense of familiarity, a sort of unity with the characters and their desires, thoughts, and behaviors. I believe one of the most important and beautiful things that literature can do is remind us we’re not…

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Books I Read – 2021

In 2018, I started keeping track of all the books I read throughout the year, challenging myself to finish as many as I can. The goal is always to read more than the year before, and this time around, in spite of it being perhaps the busiest year of my adult life, I succeeded. Between…

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